Synthetic Athletics Track


Preston West Primary School features a two storey building with spacious play areas and gardens. The main building provides a great learning environment where students can learn in spacious air-conditioned and heated classrooms.

Features of the building are: a computer learning centre, a visual arts room, music room and library. The grounds provide a safe and attractive environment with landscaped gardens and exclusive play areas which include ‘the dry river bed’ the ‘amphitheatre’ and ‘giant turtle’. Preston West also has shaded verandas, a quality oval and large synthetic soccer field with running track, extensive seating through the school, passive courtyards, large asphalt play areas, basketball, netball and bat-tennis courts and four modern playgrounds for junior and senior pupils.

The school computer network has a variety of computers for the students to use. The Lab has 28 new touch screen computers. There are forty laptops that have been purchased for use across the school. Programs such as MS Word, Power Point, 2Simple programs; such as 2Animate, 2Create a Story and 2Publish and Paint are used on a daily basis. Students also have access to a variety of reading programs such as Zip Tales, Mathsletics and other programs such as Maths Lab, Maths 300 and Maths Made Easy.The school has a one to one iPad program in grades 3 to 6. 

All classrooms, including the Art room and Music Room  have interactive whiteboards that are used daily. These are used to enhance lessons in all subject areas. The school has a broadband internet connection to the world with students' access being controlled by the Department of Education’s Education Channel ensuring that students only access quality educational resources. School email accounts are also available for each student to enable communication for school based classroom projects. Electronic communication is an integral part of Preston West Primary School. Staff have access to our own Intranet for the daily bulletin and other digital resources.

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