School Uniform


The dress code at Preston West Primary School has been implemented by the School Council to create a sense of collective and individual pride in students’ identification with Preston West Primary School.  In addition a dress code provides parents/guardians with a cost effective way to outfit their children for school and also provides the school with a means by which student and group safety can be maintained when not in the normal school setting.  The dress code is specific and compulsory, and contains a ‘hats’ statement for Terms One and Four.

Children are expected to wear uniform. Where children are unable to comply with the dress code, some form of communication i.e., written or phone, from the parent/guardian explaining the reason will be expected.

All articles of clothing can be purchased via the PSW Uniform Shop - Unit 2, 283 Rex Road, CAMPBELLFIELD Vic 3061. Phone: 03 9768 0337. Online Sales

Summer Uniform

  • Pale blue short-sleeved polo shirt
  • Navy blue unisex shorts
  • Blue check school dress or maroon netball skirt
  • Navy blue broad-brimmed “bucket style” hat or maroon legionnaire cap. (Sunsmart approved designs)

Winter Uniform

  • Maroon windcheater
  • Maroon bomber jacket
  • Navy or maroon track pants/drawstring pants (plain colour only – no jeans or printed logos.)
  • Pale blue short or long-sleeved polo or skivvy
  • Optional navy blue pinafore dress with navy tights or maroon netball skirt

All of the clothing is inter-changeable during summer and winter. 

Where religious beliefs require head-covering, it should be white. Where necessary, other items of uniform may be adapted to a style appropriate to religious requirements, but should be in the correct colours.

Shoes and socks should be appropriate for school activities. For safety reasons, thongs and open-toed footwear will not be permitted.

Parents/Guardians have the option of making or buying similar items from other sources or from the school’s second-hand store if they wish.

In keeping with our Sunsmart policy, the school uniform includes Anti-Cancer Council approved hat designs.

Any variation from the prescribed uniform, for whatever reason (religious, cultural, health), needs to be negotiated and approved by the Principal.

Consequences for Not Wearing School Uniform

  • Classroom teachers will monitor and report children not wearing uniform
  • Parents / guardians of children who regularly do not wear correct uniform will be contacted by the Principal/Assistant Principal

Exemptions from Dress Code

Parents may seek exemption from the dress code under any of the following grounds:

  • An aspect of the code offends a religious belief held by the student and/or parents/guardians
  • An aspect of the code prevents the student from complying with a requirement of his/her ethnic or cultural background
  • An aspect of the code prevents students with disabilities from being able to attend school or participate in school activities on the same terms as other students
  • The student has a particular health condition that requires an aspect of the code to be departed from

Exemptions in writing will be considered by the Principal, and a report detailing the reasons for the decision will be made to the School Council.

In the case of severe economic hardship the Principal will:

  1. Make application to the State Schools Relief Committee
  2. Provide uniform from school resources

Review of Dress Code

This will occur through School Council deliberations.

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