Reading & Comprehension

  • In reading this term the students will be working on the various strategies that make them better readers. We will be focusing on the skills used in reading to compare and contrast, use text structures and features, find similarities and differences and summarising texts. Each week there will be a whole group focus, independent reading, as well as guided reading and literature circles. Students will also take part in individual conferences with their teacher to assess their learning needs.

Writing & Handwriting

  • In writing students will firstly be concentrating on their descriptive writing and then their ability to write collaboratively. In journal writing they will have topics such as Read All About It, What if we suddenly had to move?, Something this school really needs and One day I’d like to… Students also have a Writer's Notebook, which is a place to develop their writing ideas or just jot down their various thoughts. We want the students to see themselves as writers. Noticing, paying attention, listening, collecting, musing, wondering, playing with language, taking pleasure in their own words and we will be using a series of short writing tasks to promote these skills.
  • We will be teaching handwriting skills and also use language features such as idioms to enhance our understanding of figurative language.

Speaking & Listening

  • In speaking and listening students will be taking part in activities which will assist their ability to listen for learning. They will also be completing work to assist them in communicating a message.

Grammar & Punctuation

  • Throughout the term we have a weekly grammar focus which the students explore through different tasks. There is an emphasis on correcting own punctuation through self-editing and using punctuation for a purpose.

Spelling & Word Attack

  • This term the Words Their Way spelling program will continue to run. Students will practise their spelling words through a variety of activities which allow for different learning styles. Students will be tested on their words in a fortnightly or weekly spelling test.


In mathematics students will be using a combination of written examples, hands-on tasks, textbook work, real life simulations and problem solving to further their knowledge.

The subject areas being studied will include:

  • Numeration skills
  • Order of operations
  • Adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions
  • Percentages
  • Patterns and algebra
  • Area
  • Volume and Capacity
  • Time
  • Location
  • Chance and Data

Integrated Studies

Civics and Citizenship

Understanding the 3 levels of government in Australia and identifying the roles and responsibilities of each level.


we will investigate significant natural processes in Australia. For example: rainfall, drought, flood, earthquake, cyclones, bushfires, etc. We will be using mapping skills to better understand the landscape of Australia and how this directly relates to natural disasters.



  • This term Grade 6 students will be experiencing a virtual trip around Italy. Students will find out facts about Italy before departing. They will make their own passport and airline tickets. Students will choose their own places to visit in Italy and write facts about each place. Students will keep a record of all their accommodation, food, travel and entry into venues expenses. They will write an Italian conversations about ordering food at a restaurant, buying a ticket to a venue, and buying a ticket for transport use and booking accommodation.



  • Each week students will be asked to complete a small project task each week. Students will also be given a Maths Mate worksheet which consists of number, geometry, data and measurement questions.



  • During this semester grade six students will experiment and manipulate the elements of art (colour, shape, line, texture, and pattern) and incorporate them through painting. They will work with a combination of 2D and 3D techniques using different media; paint (acrylic, watercolour). Students at this level will participate in an artist study and will be able to discuss concepts and ideas and incorporate them into their own artwork.



  • In music, the students will continue their work on playing the ukulele. They will extend their knowledge of chords, reading notes on the staff, tablature and playing simple riffs. Once they have a basic knowledge of chords they will be able to choose a song to learn, rehearse and play to their peers.

Physical Education


  • Grade 6’s will be applying basic and complex motor skills to three different invasion games this term. They will describe and analyze the various roles required in games of basketball, AFL and soccer. They will also develop their game sense and the tactics required to defend and attack. Students will be participating in Interschool Sport and have the opportunity to train and try out for the cross-country team.



  • Camp Waratah Bay
  • May 21st-24th 2019
  • A fantastic beach/adventure camp. Over the 4 days students will enjoy the rockpool ramble, giant swing, damper cooking, initiatives course, ropes course along with the famous camp disco!
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