Reading & Comprehension

  • Students read independently on a daily basis, while practising a variety of strategies to develop their comprehension, such as predicting, questioning and visualising.
  • Students identify the text structures and features of different genres and understanding how these assist in the comprehension of texts.
  • Whole class and shared reading of texts relates to comprehension strategies and the Integrated Studies unit of work.

Writing & Handwriting

  • Students are given the opportunity to write on a daily basis.
  • Students explore various genres and express their ideas through personal Writer's Notebooks.
  • The students are writing Historical Fiction about the experience of migration and the effects of early colonisation of Australia in the 1800s as part of our Integrated Studies of work.
  • Students will explore the ‘Seven Steps to Writing’ program to learn explicit writing strategies.

Speaking & Listening

  • Students will be provided with opportunities to participate in informal Speaking and Listening activities in group learning throughout the term, as well as presenting their Historical Fiction narratives and scientific findings formally to the class.

Grammar & Punctuation

  • Revision of pronouns, verb tenses, effective adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, prepositions, punctuation and development of sentence structure and paragraphing.

Spelling & Word Attack

  • Words Their Way (WTW) is a developmental spelling, phonics, and vocabulary program being used in the Grade 5 area this year. It allows students to participate in differentiated, efficient, effective instruction in phonics, spelling, and vocabulary.



  • Addition and subtraction strategies and methods.
  • Multiplication to 12x.
  • Place value to 100,000 and number value
  • Working with fractions, 
  • Factors and multiples.
  • Patterns, algebra and problem solving.


  • Identifying and describing lines (parallel, perpendicular)
  • 2D shapes.
  • 3D space.
  • Length (km, m, cm, mm).


  • Data Analysis
  • Graphing probabilities and tallies.

Integrated Studies


  • The year five unit of work this term will be on colonial Australia in the 1800s. The reasons (economic, political and social) for the establishment of British Colonies will be examined.
  • Students will look at the reasons people migrated to Australia from Europe and Asia, and the experiences and contributions of a particular migrant group within a colony.
  • The impacts of significant events, for example, conflict, the gold rushes and the Eureka Stockade will also be studied.


  • Changes to the environment and how those changes affect the population.


  • Identity, changing relationships, skills to manage bullying, sharing power and emotional responses.
  • A school wide wellbeing program ‘It’s your life’ is being launched this term that focuses on students becoming responsible, respectful learners.


In term one we will be covering light and its sources.
What is light? What are its sources? The characteristics of light. Light and colour. Shadows and how they are made? How do we use light in our everyday world?




    • The students in grade 5 and 6 will spend this term focusing on a range of conversations. Students work in pairs developing conversations from a range of topics. They will practise their conversations and present them in various way. E.g. they could read to the reader, present to the whole class or make a video of their conversation. Students will also be involved in games requiring them to give responses in Italian.



    • Each week all Grade 5 students are to complete;
    • A two-page worksheet that covers all areas of the curriculum, including mathematics, English (reading, writing and grammar) and Integrated Studies (Science, History etc).
    • Words their Way spelling words.
    • At least 15 minutes of independent reading each night.
    • • iPads will be incorporated into the homework program and students have access to a range of educational Apps such as Prodigy and Targeting Maths etc to improve their skills.



    • This term in art students will learn the essential skills needed to become a fantastic drawing artist. Some of the materials that will be used include, pencils - coloured and grey lead, coloured markers, pastels - oil and dry. It will certainly be a busy term especially with our artist study. Stay tuned and don't forget to check our out Art Blog from time to time.



    • This term the children learn about traditional Australian Ballads. They will discuss the lyrics, their contexts and their meanings. Each song has a backing track for the children to play along with using classroom percussion instruments.
    • Through playing along with the music charts the children have the opportunity to learn basic music notation of quavers, crotchets, minims, time signatures and beat accents.

    Physical Education


    • Grade 6 have a busy start to the term. Interschool sports competition has begun and trainings after school.
    • Term 1 for Grade 6 students will be involved in fun games and activities to refine and expand their range of skills, and perform them with increasing precision, accuracy and control in more complex movements, sequences and games. Students will play games where the focus is team building and working together for a common goal. We’ll be working on our tennis skills to refine hand eye co-ordination. We will also be working on our Cricket skills, including fielding, bowling and batting.



    • Sovereign Hill excursion
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