Reading & Comprehension

  • Students experience a variety of reading activities on a daily basis.
  • Guided Reading 4 x 45 minutes per week.
  • Whole class reading of class texts related to the Integrated Studies unit of work.
  • Silent reading from Home Reading Boxes.

Writing & Handwriting

  • Students are given the opportunity to write 4 times a week using a mixture of genres: eg narrative, personal journals, recounts, letters, reports, descriptions and instructions.
  • Continued revision of formation, direction, slope and presentation of correct handwriting of all letters in lower and uppercase forms. Students learn to write on lines appropriate to their grade level.

Speaking & Listening

  • Speaking and listening are important aspects of English and are critical for all of us in our everyday communication with others. At school students are continually involved in situations where they need to listen to and speak with others. Some of these involve remembering and repeating instructions, conveying verbal messages, making announcements, explaining ideas, listening to other students or the teacher and speaking before a familiar audience.

Grammar & Punctuation

  • Revision of nouns, verbs, capital letters, full stops, commas and question marks, the correct use of quotation marks and work on sentence structure and correct use of tense.

Spelling & Word Attack

  • Spelling 100/200/300/400 most used words with the use of multiple strategies. Eg. Look Say Cover Write Check strategy and the 4S strategy (Say it, Stretch it, Syllable it, Spell it).
  • Skill building: rhyming, syllables and stretching out words for more accurate spelling.
  • Spelling patterns/blends. Words Their Way targets students specific spelling needs to enable them see patterns within words. These sessions run four days a week for 20 minutes each.



• Addition and subtraction number stories

• Multiplication (repeated addition, groups and arrays)

• Division (reading a sharing story and drawing an array to match)

• Fractions of shapes and collections

• Money.

Space, Chance & Data and Measurement

• Directions.

• Flip, slide, half turn and quarter turn.

• Hands on activities in Mass and Capacity.

• Graphing.

• Chance vocabulary: certain, possible, impossible.

Integrated Studies

Weeks 1 - 6: Water

Students discover the ways we can conserve and protect water at home, school and the wider community. They will learn about the water cycle and how water is collected and transported to our homes. Later in the term students will investigate places where water is polluted and drinking water is scarce and develop an understanding of how to look after this precious resource. We will attend Edendale Community Environment Farm in Eltham to further explore this natural resource.

Week 7 – 8: Water Safety Program/ Bounce Back

All students will be able to attend a two week swimming program based at Reservoir Leisure Centre where they participate in 8 swimming sessions, learning water safety skills and the basic skills to be able to swim. At school we will also be learning about water safety not only at the swimming pool, but the beach, at home and on a farm.

In our Bounce Back program the Grade 2's will be talking about bullying, what it is, what it looks like and how we can prevent it to make school a safe learning environment.

Weeks 10 & 11: Celebrations/End of term activities

During the last couple of weeks, students will explore the different celebrations that occur throughout the year and all around the world. We are heading to PIT Gymnastics as an end of year, fun excursion and also as a way for students to increase their fitness and balance skills.

All Term: Cyber Safety

The Cybersafety and Digital Citizenship unit has been designed to equip our students with the skills and understandings to become smart, safe and responsible users of digital technologies before they take part in the BYO iPad program in Grade 3.



  • In term 4 children will continue learning Italian through stories, ‘Il Pappagallo’ where the focus is on the Family. Children will role play the story and record themselves on iPad. They will also read the story ‘La Festa’ and become more familiar with Italian language about ‘festivals.’ Students will conclude the year with the theme “Celebrations” where we will have discussions of comparing our own special events and those of Italian and Australian cultures.



  • Students will complete their fortnightly homework that includes: Spelling words, Reading strategies, Mathletics and an Integrated Studies related activity and will have a ‘Water’’ project due mid term.



  • Students in Grades 2 will further their understanding of the elements of music such as; Beat, Volume, Tempo, Timbre (instrumental families) and form (song structures). They use this knowledge to arrange and make choices about expressive ways of communicating their ideas, concepts, feelings or experiences both individually and within a group.
  • Activities in Term 4 will include:
  • • Singing a variety of children's and popular songs.
  • • Singing exercises to improve ability with and control over pitch.
  • • Listening, moving and singing to music from different cultures
  • • Preparation and presentation of a musical item for the school concert.

Physical Education


  • Students will practice basic fundamental motor skills such as running, hopping, jumping, catching, throwing, kicking, rolling, balancing, twisting and turning and are introduced to more complex skills such as leaping, dodging, the overarm throw, dribbling and striking balls. They will participate in and develop control over a range of locomotor activities that require a change of speed (such as fast and slow movements) and direction (such as up/down, forward/backward, right/left, clockwise/anticlockwise).
  • Students advance from creating and playing games on their own or with a partner to playing in small and large groups. They begin to combine motor skills into movement sequences and adapt to changing environmental conditions. They will participate in a variety of modified games and dance.



  • Edendale Community Environment Farm in Eltham
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