Reading & Comprehension

  • Students experience a variety of reading activities on a daily basis.
  • Guided Reading 4 x 45 minutes per week.
  • Whole class reading of class texts related to the Integrated Studies unit of work.
  • Silent reading from Home Reading Boxes.

Writing & Handwriting

  • Students are given the opportunity to write 4 times a week using a mixture of genres E.g. imaginative, personal journals, recounts, letters, reports, descriptions and procedures.
  • There is continued revision of the formation, direction, slope and presentation of correct handwriting of all lower and upper case letters. Students learn to write on dotted third lines appropriate to Grade 2 and consolidate their understanding of the correct pencil grip.

Speaking & Listening

  • Speaking and listening are important aspects of English and are critical for all of us in our everyday communication with others. At school students are continually involved in situations where they need to listen to and speak with others. Some of these involve remembering and repeating instructions, conveying verbal messages, making announcements, explaining ideas, listening to other students or the teacher and speaking before a familiar audience.

Grammar & Punctuation

  • Students revise nouns, adjectives, verbs, capital letters, full stops, commas and question marks, the correct use of quotation marks and work on sentence structure and correct use of tense.

Spelling & Word Attack

  • Spelling 100/200/300/400 Most Used Words with the use of multiple strategies E.g. Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Strategy and the 4S strategy (Say it, Stretch it, Syllable it, Spell it).
  • Skill building: rhyming, syllables and stretching out words for more accurate spelling.
  • Spelling patterns/blends.
  • Student will use Words Their Way to explore patterns in words and to use this knowledge when spelling unfamiliar words.



  • Number Patterns: counting forwards/backwards by 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s
  • Automatic Response with the number bonds to 10.
  • Place Value with hundreds, tens and ones and the importance of zero.
  • Addition, Subtraction, Counting On and Counting Back.
  • Calculating small money values.

Space, Chance & Data and Measurement

  • Revision of 2D and introduction to 3D shapes and their defining features.
  • Daily conversation to consolidate "real life" understanding and uses of clocks and calendars.
  • Hands on activities for Length and Area.
  • Statistics and Probability: collecting data, displaying and interpreting data. 

Integrated Studies

Sun Smart (Week 1)

Students learn five ways to be SunSmart using the SunSmart Countdown song as well as a variety of activities to establish their understanding on this topic.

Bounce Back (Week 1 - 4)

Through a range of targeted texts and interactive group oriented activities our Term 1 unit of Bounce Back will focus on the values of cooperation, responsibility, respect and inclusion. As part of this unit we will be participating in an excursion to the Pit Gym.

History (Week 5 - 10)

This term our history unit will focus on our families and the places that are special to us. We will be discussing our family tree and diverse family structures and backgrounds. This unit will also give students an opportunity to listen and share oral stories with a focus on fairy tales and Indigenous stories. Our project this term will be related to our history unit.



    • Students will spend some time revise language learned last year. The focus is to learn language students can use in their daily life at school. New work learned will be sent home so parents are aware of the content taught in class. Children can practise these sentences at home with the family.
    • Students will continue extending their knowledge of Italian through games, songs, chants, role play and reading books.
    • The language focus is on introducing themselves and asking and answering how they feel. A lot of class time will be spent on practising to speak Italian with each other.
    • We will finish the term with a study of the story book ‘La Sorpressa.’



    • Students will complete their fortnightly homework that includes: Spelling words, Reading strategies, Mathletics and an Integrated Studies related activity. There will also be a project that is linked to our Integrated Studies topic on History.



    • This term in art students will learn the essential skills needed to become a fantastic drawing artist. Some of the materials that will be used include, pencils - coloured and grey lead, coloured markers, pastels - oil and dry. It will certainly be a busy term especially with our artist study. Stay tuned and don't forget to check our out Art Blog from time to time.



    • The approach to music in grade two integrates speech, singing, movement and instruments to teach the elements of music, beat, rhythm and pitch. The focus is on hearing and imitating and then, music making. Once the songs are familiar and the children have explored them in different ways, formal music notation is introduced.

    Physical Education


    • Grade 2 will be practising and progressing on the basic fundamental motor skills to ensure they have the foundations they need to progress to leaping, dodging, the over arm throw, dribbling and striking balls. This will be done through a range of minor and major games played throughout the term. Students will practice basic fundamental motor skills such as running, hopping, jumping, catching, throwing, kicking, rolling, balancing, twisting and turning and are introduced to more complex skills such as leaping, dodging, the overarm throw, dribbling and striking balls. They will participate in and develop control over a range of locomotor activities that require a change of speed (such as fast and slow movements) and direction (such as up/down, forward/backward, right/left, clockwise/anticlockwise).



    • This term, as part of our Bounce Back unit, we will go on an excursion to the Pit Gym. This excursion will focus on inclusion and cooperation as we take part in a wide range of activities at the gym.
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